for those who love to take pics

Emo Pictures
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this is a community for those who love to take art-pictures.

A "rule" is that every post must include a picture, and if it's too big hide it under an LJ-cut, blah.. you know the procedure.
ALSO, I don't want anyone harassing or teasing anyone because they don't like their pictures. Constructive critisism is allowed and welcome, but no teasing please.

I'll take this as an opportunity to introduce myself. I am emophant and i love pictures and photography. So I decided it's time for a community like this, as i couldn't find anything like it (to my suprise).
I guess this also makes me the moderator. This is the first time i've ever created a community and i still have to learn alot. I'll try to make this prettier and define the "rules" more..uuh..precisely